Imagine that AETNA, IBM, Toptal or XEROX  offered you a remote job. You Accepted! Now, freedom is your life. You have entered into a delightful journey of shedding the blue and black conservative, restrictive business suit, gave the corns-on-toes heels to your former co-workers, abolished the lunch bag from the kitchen and and now you use the yearly gas budget to renovate a room for you “remote-work-office”. You’ve blown kisses to the 365 days of the year “tour-of-work” duty drive to work torture nine to five gig. head pounding, horn honking traffic jam, 365 days with holidays as exceptions, fumbling, frenzy daily dash to work. You will be immediately transformed by the opportunities, options, choices, and lenient schedule you can dictate as you create a balanced life for yourself and family. CLICK ON THE COMPANY NAMES LISTED IN THE FIRST SENTENCE.

The Benefits of Remote Jobs

»Reduce Job Stress

»Boost Your Morale

»Increase Work Productivity

»Offer Freedom to Your Life

»Offer Flexibility to Your Schedule

Greetings Everyone! My name is Pinara D. (Black) Smith and my blog is designed to help increase your income earning ability by listing website that provide influential career information and most importantly job bank websites that support opportunities for remote careers. I have had a remote career for over thirteen years and it has been a great benefit of convenience for my life. HAPPY CAREER SEARCHING :0) !!!!