• Easily Download or Print Your Resume.
  • Sight Samples to Generate An Original Resume.
  • Complete Multiple Resumes in Record Setting Time.
  • Easily Send Your Resume Directly from Your Laptop.
  • Maximize the Potential of a Professional Image for your Resume.
  • Eliminate Entanglements of Hiring Expensive Professional Resume Writers.
  • Availability of a Wide Selection of Resume Templates on Many of the Websites.


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  • Basic Interface Text Editor.
  • Save and edit your resume.
  • Sign-up for Access to More Features.
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Resume Maker.
  • Select from a Few Resume Style Templates
  • Create a PDF Without Submitting Your Email Information.
  • Link Your Dropbox Account to Save Directly for Sharing.


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  • Public Hosting for Your Resume.
  • A Plentiful Variety of Designs.
  • Text Formatting Options in the Editor.


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  • Free Hosting.
  • Easy Interface.
  • File Import of LinkedIn.
  • Submit Information Manually.
  • Add Text Directly to Your Template.
  • Upload Information from Existing Word Document.
  • Premium Options Allow Access to More CV designs.


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  • Does Not Require Sign-Up.
  • Accessibility by Individual Link.
  • Simple, free Solution for Resume Building.
  • Export Your Resume in PDF, HTML and Text File Format.


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  • Ready Resume Template.
  • Free Applicant Tracking System.
  • Premium Pay Templates for More Design Options.