Pinara D. Smith
12 Months = 364 Days = 52 Weeks = 8,736 Hours = 524,160 Minutes = 31,449,600 Seconds
 Exercising conscious control over the allocation of your time encourages choices that produce effective efficiencies for your remote work life quality. Hence, setting priorities, executing strategies that elicit confident actions empower You to modify Your time management behavior ensuring compliance with your time management goals.
Time cannot be managed because it is fixed. You have exactly 24 hours in one day or each day to achieve your allotted task and this can be accomplished with a precision of completion through establishing a set schedule for a set list of task priorities. You must gauge the amount of time you have compared to the amount of items you want to write off of your “to-do” list for that 24 hour day.
12 Months = 364 Days = 52 Weeks = 8,736 Hours = 524,160 Minutes = 31,449,600 Seconds
Below are Technology Tools to help you manage by maximizing your daily allowance of time as a remote worker. You want to fulfill your life with daily accomplishments by completing time demanding tasks without delay or procrastination. Fulfill your remote work tasks with the expediency of using these technology tools which permanently offer ease to your life and work world. Begin your journey of cool, collected ease by clicking on the direct website links. Thank You! for your attention to your well planned and self-fulfilling destiny.
-PINARA D. SMITH-“Author of These Thoughts and Much, Much More…. :0)!!!”
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  • Plan for the Week.
  • Set Your Tasks Based Upon Priority.
  • Prioritize Urgent or Important Tasks into Succinct Categories.


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  • Simple Weekly Planner.
  • Basic Weekly Planners.
  • Plan Your Days One at a Time.
  • View Your Weekly Tasks and Rearrange Them
  • Enter Your Weekly Tasks for Each Designated Day.
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  • Organize Your Day.
  • Organize Your Day.
  • Make The Most of Your Time
  • Save the Distractions for Later.
  • Easy to Discover New Content.
  • Differentiate Between Work and Learning Time.
Screenshot 2017-09-25 22.26.47Screenshot 2017-09-25 22.26.52
  • Shreds Time off of Complicated Tasks.
  • Performs 200 Actions and Integrations with Apps.
  • Creates Customer Apps that Take Care of Your Needs.
  • Creates Homescreen Shortcuts to Perform Multiple Tasks in One Click.
Screenshot 2017-09-25 22.29.56Screenshot 2017-09-25 22.30.03
  • A.I. Sounds like a Real Person.
  • Be the Champion of Your Day and Get Stuff Done!
  • Welcome ! to A.I. Scheduling and Coordinating Your Meetings.
  • CC Clara on Designated Emails and Clara Will Set Them Up for You.
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  • Capability to Pick up Where You Left Off When You Decide.
  • Allows You to Assign A Specific Amount of Time to Complete Tasks.
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  • Create and Organize Reminders, Notes, Events.
  • Easy to Switch from Your Desktop to Your Phone.