The Latest Technology News presents an aura of revolutionary excellence that has catapulted the circumference of our world into infinite innovations fueled by the our fanciful followings wanting to live in the most informed revenues of life socially, politically, financially and ethically. This is where I say to “My FanReaders” that tech news answered the call of the user’s needs by giving us the experience of being more informed than ever before.

The more we know through technology the faster our lives grow into a massive  “knowledge flow” of technology news. Technology is the enforcer of knowledge growing at light speeds that we are learning to adapt and adjust to because of its convenience. It is the condition of our needs as users or our user needs that are appeased through it’s seduction. We are shaped, assembled and hypnotized by the curious conditions of our involuntarily yielding to the enticing entourage of technology news frequently and freely offered to us. We want to know before we know what we don’t know … we want to know before we go … wherever that journey takes us, but not without our gadgets or cool tech tools. We travel on trips, but not without our smartphones bookmarking them to various media outlets. Outlets that compete for those bookmarks on our phone. It is all a wonderful tapestry “Knowledge Flow” cycle for the immediate gratification of being informed and knowing to understand the way in which our worlds can be even more revised than before. The worlds between those of us who know versus those who do not are  closing faster each day until there is not any divide in knowledge and “know-how”(support Net Neutrality if you desire “the plasticity of  ‘knowledge flow’ to continue”..the anchors). ~Pinara D. Smith-Writer

 BUSINESS INSIDER. This publication posts heavily on Twitter and focuses on technology developments, political issues, and showcases core industry heavy hitters most of the time.

CNET. Publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics with a global perspective.

FAST COMPANY. Want to execute a technology deep dive to discover what “really matters”, this online publication might be your choice. Others believe it is the only choice, but decide for yourself.

FUTURISM. Want to know the way in which the world is being shifted and shaped by technology then this publication is the one to click on.

MEDIA REDEF. Some old, then some new and some of their news could possibly be written for you. So, check them out and see what it’s all about…if you choose.

MIT’s TECHNOLOGY REVIEW. Conception to completion is the focus of news produced by this elite publication. “Does it get any better? … Some say “NO!”

NY TIMES BITS. This outlet for information is indicative of its name “bits” here and there and everywhere sharing on all subject matters for those who care. Take a peek and return to share your thoughts :0).

RECODE. Want views from journalists who have really discovered their voice and use it to their fullest potential to provide you with information and resources that are compelling.

WIRED. Learn about the way in which technology is changing the world. Some believe it is leading the way in “the life of our tech news world”.~PDBS