Toxic leaders are environmentally detrimental to the progress of the employee’s productivity and the company’s success. Toxic Leaders engage in bullying behavior through the execution of lying, creating interpersonal office factions and demeaning those they are supposed to lead and manage. They create inter-office conflict by targeting certain employees through untruths spread by their gossip. This creates a negative self-perception for the targeted employee suffering from the bullying. As a result, their co-workers question their strengths and abilities and so do they as well.  This behavior makes the targeted employee defenseless, insecure, less productive and sometimes emotionally unstable.

4 Ways to Address Workplace Bullying

  1. Be Aware. Research Your Companies Policies on Workplace Bullying.
  2. Take Action. Meet w/HR to Learn Your Options… Be Empower.
  3. Keep Evidence. Record Conversations, Take Pictures, Videotape Interactions.
  4. Support Your Situation. Document,Document,Document… Validate Your Experience.
6 Steps in Recovering from Workplace Bullying
  1. Invest in Your Career = Build Skills that Make You Marketable
  2. Counseling, Counseling and More Counseling
  3. Obtain  A Mentor or Work Coach
  4. Have Some Fun
  5. Know that You Deserve Respect
  6. Value Your ideas
5 Employee Side-Effects of Workplace Bullying
  1. (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  2. Flashbacks
  3. Emotional Numbness
  4. Emotionally Insecure
  5. Self-Esteem Erosion
5 Severe Company Consequences of Workplace Bullying
  1. Decrease in Productivity = Impedes Company’s Success
  2. Employee Disengagement = Low Morale
  3. Increase in Health Issues = Creates an inhabitable Work Environment
  4. Legal Action = Costly for Your Business
  5. Employee Office Protest = Interrupts Company’s Business Mission & Vision
8 Signs of A Workplace Bullying Boss 
    1. Demeaning
    2. Exhibits Anger
    3. Verbal Assaults
    4. Criticizes
    5. Belittles
    6. Narcissistic
    7. Spreads Negative Gossip
    8. Suffers from Empathy-Deficient Disorder

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