Remote Jobs = Job Freedom


 Habits-of-Mind+ Points of View=Frames-of-Reference
  • Refers to Your Orientations & World Views
  • Patterns of Behavior: Perfectionist, Competent, Incompetent.
  • Does it Matter if You are on a Remote Work Team with introverts or extroverts?
  • Your Thinking Style: Similar to that of an Attorney, Soldier, or Educator etc.
  • Are Others Seen as Inferior Compared to Yourself?
  • Are You a Perfectionist?
  • Do You Respect or Challenge Authority?
    Points of View=Expressing Your Habits-of-Mind
  • Clusters of Meaning Schemes Connected with Sets of Immediate Beliefs, Attitudes, Feelings, Judgments, and Expectations.
  • They Shape the Way We Interpret Our Experience and Determine the Way We Judge, Justify People, Actions and Locate Blame.
  • Meaning Schemes Cause Us to Respond Without Being Aware or Without Questioning Our Actions We Just Automatically Act or Respond.
  • Judging the Way Others Will Behave, what Others Will Be Like and Our Idolized Image of them (your future boss, your future wife etc.).
  • Create a Line of Action We Follow Automatically Unless it is called into Question through Critical Reflection.
  • It Can Include philosophical, Economic, Sociological and Psychological Positions.
  • Represent our Cultural Paradigms (groups of belief systems absorbed from our caregivers).
  • It is the Way We Interpret Experience Based Upon our Guarded Beliefs About Ourselves and World.
  • A Meaning Perspective that is Based On the way in which we filter our world through structures of assumptions and expectations.
  • It Provides the Context through which We Make Meaning and Choose What and How that Experience will Be Construed or Applied.
  • It is the Way We Interpret Experience Based Upon our Guarded Beliefs About Ourselves and World.
Mezirow, J. (2000). “Learning to Think Like an Adult: Core Concepts of Transformation Theory.” In Learning as Transformation, edited by J. Mezirow (pp. 3-34). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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Remote Jobs = Job Freedom

Remote Jobs = Job Freedom

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