Remote Jobs = Job Freedom


  1. Better Sleep. Set Times of Sleep from the Consistency of the Routine.
  2. Better Physical Health. A Regular Routine Allows Daily Set Times to Exercise.
  3. Better Mental Health. Stress Levels Drop Because Task Get Completed.
  4. Better Eating Habits. Consume More Fulfilling Calories During Set Times of the Day.
  5. Better Maximization of Time. Regular, Reoccurring Time Segments Complete Tasks.
  6. Better Responsiveness. Rigidity of the Consistent Routine Helps to Meet Due Dates.
  7. Better Awareness. A “Stick-to-It” Daily Routine Requires Discipline. 
Below is an Example of a Regular Routine Route of Action for Your Life.
Morning Routine
  • Meditate for 10 Minutes.
  • Write Down 5 Tasks You Will Accomplish throughout the Day.
  • Read Jeremiah 29th Chapter and the 11th Verse (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • Drink a Nice Warm Cup of Cocoa or Hot Coffee in YOur favorite Mug.
  • Affirm Your Soul Aloud through Positive Self-Talk As an Achiever, an Intellectual etc.
Afternoon Routine
  • Sit Quietly for 12 Minutes and Daydream.
  • Drink 8 ounces of Clear or Flavored Water.
  • Eat a Delicious Salad and Sorbet for Dessert.
  • Eat Lunch in the Park or Mall and Walk for 15 Minutes Afterwards.
  • Read 5 Self-Affirmations that Speak to Your Long and Short Term Goals.
Evening/Night Routine
  • Talk to A Friend.
  • Read A Magazine.
  • Eat a Favorite Fruit.
  • Complete 4 Stretch Exercises.
  • Take A Leisure Walk to Recalibrate.
  • Drink 8 ounces of Clear or Flavored Water.
  • Sit Quietly for 12 Minutes and Daydream.
“Health Benefits of Having a Routine.” Breakthroughs in Care, Northwestern Medicine, 7 Nov. 2017,
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Remote Jobs = Job Freedom

Remote Jobs = Job Freedom

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